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Anonymous: are your parents disappointed in you? im just asking because i really want to be a musician but my parents think it's a stupid thing to do and they want me to go to college and pick a "sensible" job and stuff and i just wanted to know if yours did the same thing..



nah i’m lucky to have the type of parents i have, when i was younger i never even thought about being a musician and i always thought any creative career was a dumb idea for me bc i didnt think i was creative or talented at anything other than school and i did really well in school/went to college really early bc i wanted to be a surgeon then a biological engineer and kinda slowly transitioned more towards communication-based careers when i got my job at claire’s and realized im rly fuckin good at sales and marketing and stuff so i went to school for that. the whole music thing just kinda happened unexpectedly and my parents are really proud/excited and i guess they kinda believe in me but also they aren’t worried because they know that i’m 100% prepared for my music career to crash and burn and they know im responsible and shit so when it’s time to pursue a ‘real’ career i’m ready/willing/able to

it’s rly hard to make a living as a musician and u kinda have to get lucky+be willing to struggle a LOT and i think EVERYONE should go to college (i know that’s not always possible but if u have the resources/opportunity you should absolutely take advantage of them) just for the peace of mind…it can be hard to find a comfortable job without a degree and it might seem like a waste of time right now but if anything it will only help you survive while you pursue ur music dreamzzz. i’ve been so blessed and lucky but i still have had to do some jobs and stuff that require my degree this past few months due to my lack of relevance lolz

I concur.

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Vogue UK January 2014 | London Collections: Men
Teo van den Broeke, associate editor

"My coat is by Paul Smith and my trousers are by Woo Young Mi. I’m also wearing a Cos jumper and boots."

Photo By Dvora